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We are team of Capital Allowances Consultants with over 20 years' of experience, helping commercial property owners unlock thousands of pounds of hidden tax relief in their property.


Our passion at Eureka is helping business property owners, and steering them towards a lightbulb moment!

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Both our clients and their Accountants are usually completely unaware of the potential value in their property.

We are not Accountants, we offer a specialist service that goes beyond an Accountants skills, and essential to the process is our team of specialist Property Surveyors.

The Capital Allowances industry is small, but the market is huge. Business property owners can thank Eureka for that as we have made capital allowances claims accessible for all and streamlined the process to make it much more straightforward.

The team at Eureka has, to date, identified millions in unclaimed allowances for thousands of commercial property owners all over the country, boasting a wealth of HMRC capital allowances experience and expertise, which makes Eureka the ‘go to’ Capital Allowances consultancy in the UK.

There are no fixed or upfront costs for our service

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of the British Holiday & Home Parks Association

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Our Partners

We work with the following associations, to ensure we offer our Clients only the best service

British Landload Association
Chambers Wales
federation of small businesses
national care association
petrol retailers association
UK Alliance of Catteries and Kennels


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