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Capital allowance specialists

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Capital allowances is a form of tax relief that businesses can claim on certain types of qualifying capital expenditure, such as on assets they acquire for use in their businesses.

Unbeknown to most owners is that tax relief can also be claimed on items, known as embedded fixtures that were already in the building upon purchase, as well as on items added since acquisition.

Identifying these items can be extremely complex. Out team of Capital Allowances specialists have a wealth of experience in identifying these fixtures and helping business owners across all industries secure the hidden tax relief that they are entitled to.

Unlock the hidden tax relief in your business property

Commercial property owners are missing out on thousands of pounds in tax savings because they are unaware of capital allowances! Don't miss out on the best kept secret in business!

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What are capital allowances?

Capital allowances are deductions that businesses can claim on certain types of capital expenditure, such as equipment, machinery, and vehicles, to reduce their taxable profits. They serve as a form of tax relief provided by governments to encourage investment in assets that help businesses grow.

What types of assets qualify for capital allowances?

Generally, physical assets such as machinery, equipment, vehicles, and furniture used for business purposes qualify for capital allowances.

What is the Annual Investment Allowance (AIA)?

The Annual Investment Allowance is a type of capital allowance that provides businesses with a 100% deduction on qualifying expenditure for certain assets up to a specified limit within a given accounting period. It allows businesses to deduct the full value of qualifying assets from their profits before tax.

Do capital allowances apply to all businesses?

Capital allowances are usually intended for businesses that are subject to corporation tax or income tax on their trading profits.

Are there any restrictions on claiming capital allowances for certain assets?

There may be restrictions or specific rules regarding the eligibility of certain assets for capital allowances. For example, cars may be subject to different rules than other types of machinery or equipment. Additionally, there may be limitations on claiming allowances for assets used in certain industries or for specific purposes.


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