Capital Allowances for
Care Homes & Nurseries

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    Capital Allowances purchase claims are widely underclaimed in the Care Home & Nursery industry, with around 80% of retail owners having never claimed (source: HMRC).

    Claiming on items that were in your property when you purchased requires the skills of Surveyors and Capital Allowances specialists like us, so not something your accountant would have claimed for.

    Our team have unrivalled experience in unlocking this tax relief for Care Homes & Nurseries.

    Did you Know?


    Typically a Care Home or Nursery claim is
    25% of the purchase price.

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    What can Care Homes or Nurseries Claim Capital Allowances on?

    Heating Embedded Fixture Icon
    Water & Heating Systems
    Pipe Icon
    Underground Pipework
    Carpet Embedded Fixture Icon
    Ironmongery Embedded Fixtures Icon
    Doors & Locks
    ventilation icon gold
    Heating & Ventilation
    Lighting Embedded Fixtures Icon
    Lighting Systems
    Electrics Embedded Fixtures Icon
    Electrical Systems
    Fire Alarm Embedded Fixture Icon
    Fire Alarms Systems

    … and much more.

    Even if these items have been repaired or replaced,
    we can still review, and claim in most cases.

    Many of our clients have questions when they first speak to us about claiming CA tax relief on Care Homes & Nurseries; we’ve answered many of those questions here in our FAQs.

    However, if you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

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